What Is The Problem With Aetna Medicare Advantage Plans?

The customer service quality of Aetna Medicare Advantage plans is not usually very good. I have found this to be true with all the health insurance companies I have worked with over the years.

Aetna Medicare Advantage Plans used to be my favorite insurance company when I was in medical school. I loved them because they were so affordable and so easy to use. Even though Aetna Medicare Advantage Plans is now part of Cigna I still like them for the same reasons I liked them before the merger.

However, now that they are part of a giant like Cigna it is time to review their products won’t it? I believe we as a society need to take a hard look at our health care system and ask ourselves whether or not Aetna Medicare Advantage Plans can continue to compete for our business?

The customer service is dismal. You are not supposed to have to wait on hold for more than ten minutes for your representative to answer your questions. You are not supposed to get someone who will just stare at you blankly for a few minutes. Most importantly, you are not supposed to have to suffer through hours of questions, wait for someone to call your name, and then find out they do not even have your information or your phone number.

Aetna Medicare Advantage Plans “gives you the most” in customer service. I am not sure how this makes me feel good about paying them so much money each month. If I were looking for the least expensive insurance plan I would go with United Healthcare but at least they have a very friendly customer service department.

Aetna Medicare Advantage Plans is priced extremely high. They advertise low rates, but that means that their rates are based on what the other health insurance companies charge and not the health care market rate. This means that if the company finds a way to raise their rates it will make them look bad in the eyes of potential customers.

Since Aetna Medicare Advantage Plans is very expensive, it is no wonder that people use them less each year. People who use these plans tend to turn to the United Healthcare plans or the Aetna Medicare Advantage Plans that are not part of Cigna.

What is the problem with Aetna Medicare Advantage Plans? The reason for this is simple. If the health care cost crisis continues it could lead to many people dropping coverage altogether.

If Aetna Medicare Advantage Plans were allowed to continue as is the government might go back and change the laws. That is why I hope Aetna and other companies do not go back to the way they were and that they stick with the original goal of creating affordable health insurance.

There is another problem with Aetna Medicare Advantage Plans, which is very serious. These plans are mostly designed for people who don’t work.

These Aetna Medicare Advantage Plans are costly.  because they do not cover a lot of expenses that other types of insurance does. Aetna Medicare Advantage Plans may not cover dental, vision, hospital, or even “emergency medical” care. Many of the doctor and prescription drug plans that are available to us do not include such things as vision and dental.

I hope that Aetna Medicare Advantage Plans will not go back to the way they were. It is getting to be too late for them. Health care costs are rising and they cannot afford to give away all of their customers.